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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 26, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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6.for 40. i t don' -knowre- i head t s.note ari hee d ths presasrelee, li edstenth to nfe coceerenl cal reand head tly anaomst cs.ment it ms seee likerkimblaly-cadrk h t a loooof gind tho gs t say, er ths e wa osomeimne-tsse miions th - at - mi dosty be t, byhe nway,o ot t alooke t thk stoc wh den iiso thk, worau bec'mse i inconvthced lde hoofers ma so nywh oc streks ate renrers, .ally at thta to ouke ye r cu tfromhe im atmeditie acs on i pjust lain up stsoid, ot i n ticedache ft th adey hle falomn fr t 1272 o 12 thoff are quunter thtil e th te inw rvien.bega gh ri tt atophe tth of e in ieterv aw, i hskedim t-poink,blan t dideche d line ma nyke ase senhi to am atll? orit flo a codse tay. sethe s llerhe-- trey wet jus n plaig.wron xt ne l up, tet'sclalk .orox
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lsillthove are quter. be e caushoit ssowed me cr inleedibgi marprn imenovemt ca beenuse cergy wostswaere y do wn. de wmandooas gd. ga orlinic f ne os goodwas ng ki, fords let' sjustay te icrrif. mb nuofers e f thtschar. w sohahat s?ppen stthe imock atmedigeely t li obteteraald, f fling13rom 1 to 124. wh sen ienaw bre odin soor,afte asi d keatwhhe tec hisk enhappheing re? wh tat'seahe dl? w hod coul syour htockgoave tten so clobbered? d het idn'.know adhe hte beaern evngythiwa he s ke as dd too. pu i d zzle aovere lin.item uihe q ecklyinxplahaed te t th ancomp ay is tboutrgo lae a
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d anomi pr cptlyd allempthe indecl ce inx lorocuridi.lous asit w. mo meth to ioe idhots wd solit. th oce sts k ha fgone24or 1me to i'131 com idnft en cit tane ak t ouatthig h13h. saunders, incredibly the ceo of le alair agn. he r sathtiger he. an ted afe r thancompouy thght th asat wfa by e r th qbesteruart nyof arm phatiaceucocal y.mpan st moth of uge dres lin had ac raceleted. th a e fdovappratal reres wf e of th are chts. th iat'sdincre pble,thlus e rg meiter wizh pfhier wndle uer ta aty ck be houscrdemoats. le a logal leophoth in le --ower ta inxes or a f jeign, uddsh weig rtnevessheletr on rack, teadyo e clossethe hcondalf. i d askee if hd coulaiexplw n ho rd ha s the htockeeas bt n hiof te la.
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plexatann iothfor ake we ness wh evatsoer. i d asked coule it by a ke part heof tns traonactihe a te salit to a ffeet mighffbe ok?trac , nope git's toingoso clone so. i >>ug thoight mt ht ibe so inmethlig pol?tica y sohrou tp ew uanmy hndds a pr imoclay ed mbaown mefflent, to o. wearpriith aght, aller gain dn dies't d terve do goatown al l. en thes sale.forccom. e thres weekweago it visited wh cethe so inraan fconcis. th oce std k haenfallm froto$67 e th$5mid 0s. he ld couann't dswertlirecw y ho
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w hen as i'swhatwn knoth as e ie qurit pewhod, yoere n'u cat re alveny ainthexg t acllwihe t quarter, he did go out to y sait s wabua fa tlousfoime r le sacesfor w and -hileme- rember th that, asat w l thediinken percent, the tabo lwasofthere, sa usid bs inesiswas it om bo, linghoand osw ce b hadeen siprait ng iovall heer tce pla. 's itar a m cqueet.lien rethe , sultstthe ock im atmedifeely noll a 8ther%. whthe thole waing sas inne. in tsultjuo ineary, r rliea ok bre erag sfirmheaid ld wou be ca usutioth on nfe coceerenl cal thand ose grrgs macoins beuld r undesupresre.
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en tht last nighsfsale orce rtrepoheed tt bes qtecheruart r fo.2016 % a 27nureveowe grth. th aat'sndstouing. udincla ing ri38% n se i atopercaing losh fo w, tcl460 mi n.llio ttakedohat rsubtet thathe co y mpans makemofor ney. tw neo niur-fignte cos,ract ag uain,rdnhea of. th ose grrgs maweins ffre o the archt. ilwhate wh h didtoave e comup? w hot abouanthe t alysmaestites fo e r th orest16f 20? ey the werngtakigi up icgantally r aftequthe r,arteau becse sa orlesfs ce ig doinelso wl. it a wasd bsur tthatdihey dn't se ce itg.omin na fithlly s ere'pathe ltlo ao st ory. alwe twiked eoth ck marckmcla nn lyn wheerwe wt e oue.ther
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ek weo.s ag sshe a uured ws itouas sitnd, pt keti getamng hd mereayanyw. 's itri soallng a w theacay bk to e whersethe g llintestard. m i'ngsayit thas waremo se erll rs' tnow, wherea ere ofton se the lm waalart dllegeewy bl u up, tnder fu r rtheewrevie , thonreas for e thcldee inemse ted ex atplanision tt prerny daed outhorgh. 's ital up fmostpoour .ints sa tmenghiit wckh lo mheedn.arti en ths thi swent ltill.ower atwhid dhe tsey ?ll wh y? knwho ows? no 1w upra4 st pights.oint wh >> b> mym otto ilinel s ale thes exare plam oesfef aar pndican pitrum- ng -fobut atrtunnoely w e thc paniecis rg.edin fyour jirstenudgmy t mabenot a dg ju amentl.t al tjustirhe sf en oy worrriblurng ur yois decmaion-, kingand ep keyoing omu frin makmeg so mad mo ney.
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or flida. ho ?llis >> al cr:lei h, yam,jiow hre a u yoindog? m i'inlook qg atomualcaim agn. e th mtheo iaybetit's o me tget . in th wi c the'shina k andnsorea ou abeit thcer lig.nsin ut>> by' theeeve blvn sog inmeso tofseho. t i gotta lioole tli buln sh o qu mmalcoen, thch watheed tck sto dgon,owut b t inkhi'r youaye ok .here nit'sy ot mrifavote. i slikerkkywolus sos tionindan invirgia. >> le caloor: b, -yahesprofsor ercram. ng loe timenlistfier, tirst me ercall. ka>> oy. >> le cal br: it oughavthe is p grouk stoct abou mfours onth ago.ou ho>> wa. >> le calerr: vsiy po ativelertic w t inbahe "'srrone " thk stocis 6downor2% f y the aear,nd ap improxelat50y si% e ncboi htug
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uli woked li t youllo te us, wh s at i oyourllverani opin on o r a caalrentin busasess n an ve inntstme? o >>thkay r e caalrentle -- vet me ll te, you isir,ke taloud abt it on ma my shd dah witd davir fabete eryestday. t itmyook at breayh aw. si i smplyhion think tarngs e as d baheas tck stot , buaiit rsed ey wsebro. le dt mereo mok worvion as. e we'r tbothg ryinetto gun arod thhow oce stulk co dd besoown ch muve, gie n th tfactumhe nbers it wself'terent thabad. we e hav twork, o do asir, nd i dwill fo itouor y. br iookelan ok.homa k.broo al>> c hler:mrey, am. crhoer, w e ardoyou ing? >> d i'm woing hell,boow aut yo u? al>> c gler:.reat k thanfoyou kir tay ng ic quesk qu.tion my st quehaion ds totho wi al rencty ianome icd pre inceilgs. 's itn beeorperf rmingy eallwell
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tr g adin awell ibovearts tget ic prnde, as it'ngpayi% a 4 vi di odendp n tohaof tt. y inopour n,inioyo do inu thk 's itke broron thitugh ics pre il ceing? if so, would you buy?in ka>> o'vy, iene beng goir ove sthis wtorymaith mytt, er expt r oneseal itatetmnvestrent oust ma an ntd fac astindfrie and unacco.tant we e werngsayis thiusis jt a fuhand ol ofthnes avat hnee do ll weca, beituse n 's i the ercomm lcialngeasiin bus aess,nd ini th hk ituras f tther o go erhight , buarbe c.efulth at thup groun is a der oflot esprresu. > >>l alghrit. ok lokes li. t iteseach n youo ot tfelet loar paand trnic raump altionity. do 'sminoiv delpiers tozza use dyourl orelboin a0 ut 3teminus. to alday one. ul coe d thancompnty co tinueo lp hee maksoyou oume dgh? ha i heve t f ceo oreshff ea gsrnin. y readeeto ssu if vaper lue,
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st oreal ? not > >>i'and inm go rg tol eveait to j youahust ead. i essuggu t yol stil cwithr!rame > >>t don' amisson sec "d ofmad nemo"y. fo allowt ssisrajimconmer it twter. ad #mtstwee. se jnd aime-n ilmaor, iv guse a acall80t 1-3-0-74.cnbc mmisse?anag head to . e ony dadea rider maec a dn.isio e thsiondeciri to de aonavnd smoe ney.
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motohis lercycsu intorance co. gei ere' th ss noinhame g saviny.mone de riid on, roud.e pr geicmoo rcycto,le eat grs rateeafor grs.t ride ug earth! h!burn o nournsne bmy on ! watch y altrelka-seatzer h rtburnliefres.chew they work fast a dnd't ton astekychal. mm azm...aming. hi tzka-selearter h burnef relichews. en e joy th. relief degree motioennss se i thed'worl srsfiodt det oranvaactibyted mo ntveme. as ou y move, fragrance capsules butrs rtoeael eseraxtre fnesh ssall day. timoseone.nsro pctten ioeeto kp moyou .ving degreeit won't let you down. saytheyn wheeamr. clsan l thw al eendiffergst thin new hissm onart ph..e does. .. t .imindre hed of imshima c giaserer. 'sitot nt jusrfoma s rkalon it ough's tki on tchensegrea... anbad roomth grime too. he y's..our.
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t regey ad shotoyow roourtswi rthts toochoup -ufr nicomn e'sy.ea amse blesslywilends leadth shing ades, en sev salonhades jusin mt 10.inutes fo turar naokl loloing cor eaas roul as y are. ow sh wor theould yror sot with root touch-up. ke i tature pic ss ofseunri s, bu tht wiy m pbacknai co i dnulle't s epan ged it uptin me. en i thnd fou p alevem. aleve pm is the only one to coinmba sae lefe s pep aidlus hthe 12painour ie relving ng stref alth oeve. m i'back.
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> >>nti waar a liege pd , ani id sa c thee heesh,-- o i'm rr so wy, irdas og erinmia dono's fr y om mh.watc l aln i caissay , wownodomi's ha nes doag it ain. ri'vemeecom tndedhem co tensis fntlyheor tt lassix .year atime tfterthime mpe cowiany th 11the a,700t lmosreentily fr isanchoced lnsatio a andngmazi li onecne toghnoleny, hy ce m lelittch wate, jok d haserelived ifterrumic n.bers y todanowas fe a brealutlowoti pos fng aive s centinearneags blot, aitng wh ch muhe higper ex rctedueevens. obestalf col smpretoal s, es , 120% csamelip. co tungraonlatiess, b 2t inof016 ytever ihinglo folw. w nor ordestthe roock maredore 1thanod3% tay. wo wza. al mel-tih. hig s let'k checitin wtrh paick yl dohee, t o ceomif do no's a,pizzd finmoout re. . mre,doylgr conatatul oionsn e th rbestl etaiaurest rant qu r arte01of 2ve6 i'n seeso fa r.
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asit wtt prerry te. ific y >> ieah,s.t wa i' gom g inr footqufre yomou and wa i nt you to expand. yo idu sa s ourssuccen' didt haveen ohtrnig c andinertaly t notodue p theofush one tt buon. i' inm go gg toyoive e u thr floo to la exphain wd t dienhapp to ex n plai qthiseruart? t>> i ihinka t's lecoupng this. fi irst,tht's lme cuioinat an of oflot ng thi'vs weene beki worng . on 'v wet e gofothe igod rht. we go've e t thicservghe rit. th che tegynolodr is g ivin gsthin. rtadveg isineris tc.rifi tethe isams ng doire a gobat j, mobut mpst intortaouly, orr ste na ma fger,hiranc aseesre nd ha ilingryt vel. wel ait's o lotfff dit erengsthin hthatbeave oien gigng rht? th s ere'peno sc cifig thin that dr itove . 's itt jus mthistuomenatm th's be uien bg ldina for tlongime? >> s thiomis sngethit tha
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d haeaa grart qu hter,eeas bn tr tyingsto in uructmepon e , th tu acooal mord, manale rmd kaa tt matoers r yououin yinr opion , bersoeit does, d isn'tt? >> t iesdo. ou frr chaneeiscas umethp ugroh ou str syn em iu.the ans., d ey thex're d citet aboueyt th're al sething mee mo, ntum'rtheye ec exg utin.well co i 'tuldnha be r ppie twithhem. th e ey'vngmakie mory mone than htheyevave ader me. ey thre're stinve ging,ngetti the st roresgeeimad. me mo intumwes po.rful if ry eve ibodyngs sifring heom t hsamel,ymnadr it aives o lotf essuccs. m i'ngseeim theessuccs. a oflot m themyare en frids, yo owu kn g, songetties not and ca frlls heom tenm whng thie s ar g goin wthisisell is -- tt prey te ifrr. ic
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y patt, saidlepeopth up h roug th nke rahis, ws ch ithe gr eseatn as ofcamerich whi es dogen't lkt tanoed eabugh out. ma i lde ae ittl, jokeh whici s wariordey ng mheno-c--ese we de ore r thheno-catese e homwith w my.atch t butrthe isuth n whee'thers a vi dehace tn t cah reac yyou,ou wi utll pou it ndt, a m nowore an th a 50%hend tpa comakny mes mo whney ouen yth do ese satrannsctiote on lochnogy, ri ght? y >> teah,s hat't.righ hawe ca rge svery fmallo ee t frthe isanch tees,e o thesstor en wh teverishis ec a toghnoly, a di l gitar.orde mothe ecst radent onditiuls wod t bebihe a tlitydeo orror thugh yo ppur aatle wanch, ad welso ha omve sngethi f nowheor t az amchon eo. so c youoian vrdce offer o of
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me ho. j wewaust o nt tvebe eerrywhe, an 'rd weine doatg th. onit cestinudr to buive sssine r fous. ou>> yw, kno o onee f thgsthin i ou thwaght ets prmaty a, zing we ta're g lkint aboue.valu owi kn a yous lway, saidenlist, it ot's ne like we'rngtaki ar shute, b h yout adn'n takeon prany inice secreas. op peikle llue vaate, pty. yo veu ha r notd aiseespricd , an atit m, tersn'does?t it >> do it es. ou tir na oonal hffereeas be n th me sa s forseix, yeven tars,wo me tdiumopwo-t ppings izzafor 9,$5.9 f andlyrankal it ulowss a totidverorse mane tht jus e prict.poin ouif ymo're yvingprour ice ar eound cverye ouplhsmont , it s meanhayou o ve ta use oflot yo dvur asiertiolng d tlarsndo ki of ve drit thaprnew poice int th wisu con.mers ey thw kno twhatrehey'ng goi to ge ent why the tcomemio's
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. us >> ou yw kno amore tboutthhem an .ever wa i prs imd esseheby tza piz of pranile cd ofe oursnethe w lo y yaltraproghim, w kch inow it oo's tly earne to arcessily nuput s,mber, toothbut zze pia of prisile ll realpy heyoing u? t >> iluabso itelys. we no've t w go othislane pce wh weere go've e t thrminfon atio ndarou c themeustoo r, sheif ty nt waor to frder wom a oatchr r orde tfrom aheirorpp, er ord om fril mobb.e we y ever ttimehahey ccve ad esse us 'r, weace tr tkinghat. f soheor tal loyroty p, gram si bay callthall adey hdo to was ch oneck x,e bot tha wtheytoant nrbe ed ollehein tgr proam. mthat ieants t wa teasygno si op pep.le u i ito s toy earlnoto kacw extly ho chw mus it'g goinrito dheve t si bu, nessthbut rle eatuy rerns ar ode goe , thumconseeer fk dbac is d. goo we se'll w e ho pthat olaysut. i >>'t dont wanleto s ight rnintenaatioicl whsoh al was ro stng. in bdia,stiggewt groamh ch pion
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wh ty ishat? >> k youwhnow at? e we'vfagot usbulotn parers e.ther uswe jent opheed t00 1,0toth sre i in.ndia ithisr s out firsetmarksi outde th s.e u.h wit0 1,00esstor. we th're rge lareest rastaunt ancompery thdae toy. 's itn beeeaa grcct sustess ory fo .r us e as wthsee one eccoomy acme bk i in, ndiaitand ct's ay uallone of f ther-asteingrowong ecs omie no ouw arhend tld wor. ig>> rht. >> hi i tnenk eprrgy bices eing r lowepaare ulrtic aarly big ihelpdin ina. i k thine primstminioder ms i ha adoneat gre. job i k thinl we'linconto ue tsee so ccme aatelerion. xcso e aited tboututhe finure di ina. ob slviouthy wi o thellvera pu poonlati m andt arketiposion 'v wet,e gos it'g goine to ban ci ex sting. tory nd>> ano i ke w thheno-cese bu ptton olayselut werl ov er ths e, aikwe l je to oke.
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acstomhih, werch pagcente e ar erburg c andenhick. zz pi sa isy.tead adwe her a tc rifigemanaomr fr yepopeou's lnaisiae , shttadmied er three wee somerburgs war ngtakire sha. x jahein t w box sas ae ever ppdisameointbunt, zzt pia se itthlf, isere e som osortf se r culae anglizto phaza t t is g doinerbettt,, pat what?is i p >> aizzainnd k td ofhe easharnable oturesaf pi and va leluabur nat pe ofi isa k thin es dol. wel i but k thin ywhate ou'rngseei t inndhe iy ustreeis sa ing few pl s ayerarwho ale rely se tiparaanng, erd shasyl hn bee ofone m theopat ps.eye' drshe given rreattsesul. yo e u ser othes folkg doinit. th ffe diceerenwe betonen cs cept re nallyngailian it osd thate th 'taren b hasbreen r.oade zz pis a haysalwan beevoa farite fo opr pethle, tee ca gory inconttoues w grot,a bi and fuhopewelly go're toing e taka arshofe to schmaro fotm r he fo lks. d >>cuiffibult, ksybacl , althe
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'sthatty patle doy. ng colaratus,tion, sir on a re lyalab fouulars qu ter. ha>> t jnks,im. >> is> thwh is ouat yt. wan ithisats wh w yououant at of oc sthak, wu t yo owantf ut oa zz piooa, t. ammy fisily o bigerrders. ic stthk wime crar. > >>mico ung pp,erapr oasplc?ti is thce grotory siare gasnt w ce onth on pre exlaess o ne t itprofuts, ben rectly su r-peluva s'scktoas hee bn se inllofg f. wi hell tre sharns tuun arod? ercramea revisls hpp shoing li , stxtne.autibe ful, yunlessave ou hrgalleies. th r en you mayeyes i seedit entlffery. on lonaly fs se iedapprovre to e bolievtcth i hy, ry ewatesye coand onngesti. thno oaser nlleral aprgy sanay csay .that wh bren we ineathe erge allurns oes bodi b reacty ov roduer p scing ix keyaminflry smatoanubstatces th
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mollst ailergy py ls onlrolconte onncsubsta e. asflonroe six an isd six er greatn on thae. co templell a rergyieel f orcointemple. t leuryos eyecidede. fl e.onas>1 6es changryth eveing. grde meeiootenns iseths woe srld' t firsordeodacant tetiva d byvemo.ment as you move, fragrance capsules rsbut toel rseeaxt e frashressne all day. motionnsse pe.teroioctton p keeyo viu mong. deeegriton w't let you down. ke i taic ps ture sofseunri s, bu tht wiy m pbacknai co i dnulle't s epan ged it uptin me. fthen i p aleve pm is the only one to coinmba sae lefe s pep aidlus hthe 12painour ie relving ng stref alth oeve. m i'back. al e pmevor f bet ar ay tolalot effects a skin transfoatrm ionatthal rives th le inadrtg depament e mostorriistuzer. vireinves skgh to fi7 t s signngof agi.wi y,th ola age yous, les y so bou cane ageless.
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>> l > al wweek be'vetaeen g lkin ab whout akat m mes at arke rl da aing,ownd he oncvebelod ksstoca in k blinn of acaeye n go o outylf stane bed meco a ncpunghiag b. some of these beenatow-dstn ksoc becan bu -- met sods nee to - be -arso fns lio gate rtenteenainmapt, g w andamillis no soma. an w d no gi've not aneew o for you. tit'stoime k talt abourithe se d anfathe f ll or-supe.valu u. sv ny maat loc tionsyohat obu prably op sh at. lyreals it'fathe thll, see ri an end th f theagall ofain pe suu.rval
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gechanth in lle fa20 of at12, wh poich maint eony pweple re wo d rriet aboucothe y'mpans ov heer tt nexyefew suars per va eclu boname tte hosuest g rgin th h roug, 2013 a2014hend tst fir 2 $1 alast, pril14up 6om% fr the 20 ow12 ls. ll wes thilowas g okin aliken edincr cibleacomeb tk tohe se hcondofalf t las.year do 0%wn 3. r fo, 2015itand om's cwne do ne aarlyernoth s 30% tincehe be inginn tg ofewhe nr yea4 to $ chand . ange >> e > the housaiof pn. >> ce> onin agafe it liels vuke s an stords fmo, c'ayn, swi it th me ec, spviial s ctim wunithat ma hide tors stlly fart apa? t isreheny aay wt in cat gee th mojo back? t' lears sttht wi i howult cod
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:32 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
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3:35 am
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3:36 am
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3:37 am
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3:38 am
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3:39 am
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3:40 am
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3:41 am
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3:42 am
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3:43 am
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3:47 am
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3:48 am
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3:49 am
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3:51 am
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3:52 am
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3:53 am
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3:54 am
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3:55 am
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3:56 am
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4:00 am
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